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Parents and spectators have a great influence on children’s enjoyment and success in football. Children play football because they enjoy and its fun. It is important to remember the irrespective of an individual child’s ability, parents and spectators have a responsibility to offer positive encouragement to all players. This approach has demonstrated that:


  • Children take great enjoyment from football;

  • Children have a great sense of personal achievement;

  • Children have higher self-esteem; and

  • Children improve their skills and football techniques much quicker when praised.


  1. Ensure that your child arrives punctually and is collected on time;

  2. Ensure you display good sportsmanship at all times;

  3. Stand behind the respect line when spectating, if there is no respect line please stand back from the touchline/playing area;

  4. Do not put undue pressure on your child or any other child, especially in matches;

  5. Positively encourage all players from both teams;

  6. If you have any concerns with the running of the club, the team or the way your child is treated this should be discussed in private with the team manager. If it cannot be discussed with a team manager then please discuss with a member of the club management committee;

  7. Please inform the club and the team manager/coach if your child has a medical condition;

  8. Please inform the club and the team manager/coach if there has been a change in your child’s medical condition;

  9. No swearing, offensive comments or unacceptable remarks at any coach, player, official or supporter;

  10. Parents will not enter into abusive or provocative behaviour towards opposition players, visiting team officials, supporters or match officials during or after matches. Physical threats or violence are unacceptable and will be reported to the relevant authorities;

  11. No drinking alcohol during training session or matches;

  12. Ensure that suitable clothing, shin pad and footwear is worn by your child for training and matches. Please see separate footwear guidelines for acceptable footwear for the 3g pitch;

  13. No dogs are allowed at our home ground at Monks Walk School;

  14. Monks Walk School has a no smoking and no vaping policy. This must be adhered to at all times;

  15. Parents/carers must try and give at least 21 days’ notice that your child is unavailable for a match, including friendlies;

  16. Parents/carers must ensure that the match or training session is going ahead before leaving their child. Only players in year 7 and above are allowed to be left unsupervised during matches or training. Any child in Year 6 or under must have a parent/carer or nominated responsible person at both training and matches;

  17. Parents/carers must inform the team manager of any change of contact details;

  18. Only the manager and coach are to give instructions to his or her players both in training session and in matches. Parents/carers or spectator coaching will be warned and may be asked to leave the area or ask to leave the club;

  19. Parents/carers and spectators are to stand well way from training sessions and not get involved unless asked to by the manager or coach;

  20. Parents/carers or spectators must not make any comments to the referee other than well done;

  21. Parents/carers or spectators will not enter the field of play at any time. The club recognises that parents/carers of players will be worried if a player is injured, but whilst the player remains on the pitch on the manager, coach or match officials may attend the player;

  22. No parents/carers or spectators are allowed onto the 3g pitch at any time and must stand behind the respect line/barrier;

  23. All club registration details must be completed and the club subscriptions/fees must be paid on time;

  24. No parent/carer or spectators will be allowed to park on any of the field or grass sections nor the coaches car park situated at Monks Walk School;

  25. Any parent/carer or spectator whose action leads to a fine are responsible for the payment of any fine incurred. The club hold no responsibility for fines incurred.


Any FA E20 Charges (E20 Failure to Control Parents or Spectators) may result in the parent or spectator being asked to leave the club.


  • Financial incentives for scoring goes against our playing philosophy and we expect our parents to support our philosophy at all times.

  • All parents/carers and spectators need to abide by all league rules and the ethos of the league that their child play in.

  • If your child has attended a training session or match with another adult, they become the responsible adult for your child. They must adhere to the rules in this code of conduct as if they were the child’s parent/carer.


The Club Management Committee will sanction parents/carers or spectators who ignore this code of conduct, the sanctions will be:

  1. First offence, the parent/carer or spectator will be warned;

  2. Second offence, the parent/carer or spectator will be suspended for a period decided by the committee; and

  3. Third offence, the parent/carer or spectator will be expelled from the club.


The Club Management Committee has the right to move directly to the second or third stage if the committee judges that an incident is serious that his action is necessary.

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