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If you own or run a successful local business then Welwyn Pegasus is the perfect opportunity for you to both promote your business and to support a local community charity.


We are looking for successful local businesses to provide sponsorship for our Club.


We have various options for sponsorship available;

whichever option you take, your donation will be used wisely to help local boys and girls play football.

Sponsors find that their donation is re-paid many times over.

The sponsorship helps to:

•  Build links between your business and the local community.

•  Increase local awareness of your business.

•  Build goodwill among the community and other local businesses.

•  Promote your business and attract new customers.

All sponsors benefit from:

•Logo and profile on Pegasus website

•New sponsor announcement in Pegasus e-newsletter.

•Logo in the e-newsletter.

•Invitations to events such as the Pre-Season tournament and Presentation Day.



We run more than 40 teams for Boys & Girls from U6 to the Senior team.

From U7 to U8, the teams play 5 a side mini-soccer, U9 and U10 play 7 a-side.

U11 and U12 play 9 a-side and U13 and above teams play 11 a-side football.


In each age group, we have multiple teams.

Each of the Pegasus teams needs a sponsor.

You may choose to sponsor an individual team or all of the teams in an age group.

The sponsorship lasts two years at which time we replace the team kit.

The Club Colours are Azure blue and Sky blue shirts, Azure blue shorts and Sky blue socks,


In addition to the general sponsorship benefits mentioned in the previous section, team sponsorship includes:

•Sponsor’s logo on all shirts (Usually 10 shirts for mini-soccer, 16 shirts for 11 a-side).

•Updates from the team manager on the team’s performance.



The costs for team sponsorship, covering a two year period (that's how long the shirts last!), are as follows:


Mini Soccer                                                        

One Team                £300

Two Teams              £500

Three Teams           £750

Whole Age Group    from £1,000 plus

9 and 11 a side teams

One Team                £400

Two Teams              £750

Three Teams           £1,000

Whole Age Group    from £1,000 plus

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